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We work with you and your team in two important ways: we help develop an actionable business development plan for each person being coached and we foster the motivation for them to execute it.


Thoughtful, Customized Plan

 Kate’s background in marketing and business development and Jeri’s experience as an executive coach and fundraiser makes for a powerful duo. Our expertise means your team will have both an actionable business development plan and the motivation to execute it.

Behavioral Support for Execution

       Your culture drives how we work. And we respect that. We bring just enough structure to make things happen but not too much to get in the way. We keep it simple and fun.

Our expertise is not in your field, but in ours. Although we focus on professional service firms, we’re not attorneys, engineers or architects.

We are experts in new business development.


“I worked with Kate and Jeri to help develop our go-to-market strategy and business development path for our marketing and sales teams. They not only helped our sales team develop a plan but also worked with the psychology of their execution. We are light years ahead of our competition.”


EVP/CMO, large regional bank


“I worked with Jeri and Kate for two years (and counting) on my own personal business development plan. I feel so fortunate that my law firm has provided this resource to us; and anyone who would not take advantage of it would be foolish. I no longer approach business development as a chore, but as an enjoyable challenge to my everyday thought process.”


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